Black Road

Black Road


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Set in the autonomous, rebel State of Jefferson in 2029, this futuristic thriller stars Sam Daly (The Office, Daly Show) as cyborg drifter Dylan Grant – a failed military experiment. He’s 100% human but is assisted by his artificial intelligence implant, “Clyde” (voiced by Andrew Wilson). Aimless and broke, Dylan urges Clyde to help him find work and a new beginning on the reckless but “free” Jefferson coast.

After saving a mysterious woman’s life outside a night club, Dylan is sucked into her dark world becoming her lover and accomplice. Going against Clyde’s wishes, Dylan and Lisa (Leilani Sarelle) plot to negotiate a financial settlement with her maniacal ex-husband Sterling (Simon Templeman) – a tech tycoon who’s developing unregulated warfare technologies and testing (on unsuspecting subjects) the hypnotic, addictive properties of the black root plant he grows on his private compound. If only Dylan can keep Lisa and Sterling from killing each other, he may just walk away with a small fortune and a new life – with or without Clyde’s help.

This suspenseful and character-driven, slow-burn thriller is written and directed by Gary Lundgren (CALVIN MARSHALL, REDWOOD HIGHWAY), and was beautifully shot on the majestic Oregon coast by award-winning cinematographer Patrick Neary. Michelle Lombardo and Danforth Comins co-star.