Do you need help with Scheduling, Budgeting, or Casting? Feeling overwhelmed by SAG, Payroll, and Insurance Requirements? Or trying to figure out Financing, Crowd-funding, and Kickstarter? 

When all you want to do is focus on the creative pieces...?

I love helping artists get their projects off the ground. While there's not enough time in the day for me to produce every project, I do have time for a phone call! Sometimes advice, encouragement, and a list of "what to do next” is all that's needed to take the next step forward. 

If you need help, schedule some time in my calendar. I'm happy to talk to you for a few minutes.  

*First 10 minutes free, then pay what you can. Suggested minimum $1 per minute.

Production Services

Need more than a phone call? I am available to work as a producer,  production manager, location manager and assistant director on commercials, music videos, television, short films and features. Standard industry rates apply. Please contact me for more information.